I Return Refreshed!!!

Hey y’all!!! I have new content and will be attempting to share more frequently. In the last month, I have upgraded my phone and purchased a new point and shoot camera (MicroCenter clearance win). My old point and shoot is about 3 years old now and it was definitely time for an upgrade. The new camera is a Samsung WB2200F with 60x zoom. What I share from this point on will be from both cameras as well as my phone, as it takes some pretty decent shots; uploads from Eye Fi Mobi and Samsung Mobile Link. The upcoming photoshoots will be of my Funko Pop figurines (191-Worf, 223-Dalek, 307-Michonne) as well my daughter’s Monster High dolls, cloud pictures/sunsets, flowers/macro shots and food pics, of course, :-). I only desire to get better with time.